Saturday, February 12, 2011


 I haven't touched my tatting shuttles for weeks - feels like forever!  Sometimes the rest of it begins to feel like a job.  I'm knitting for other people and I'm spinning for other people and there are deadlines and commitments and it just sometimes loses the fun factor.  Don't get me wrong - I love doing it and I won't stop.  When someone pays for the supplies so I can have fun doing what I enjoy, that's a good thing.  If I'm getting paid for doing what I love, so much the better.  The theater department doesn't pay, but volunteering is part of being a parent and I do that with love and joy.  It's the deadlines and feeling like I can't just do whichever bit of tatting or knitting or spinning strikes my fancy that gets a little wearing.

So, here today is some tatting - I had been wanting to tat this for weeks and finally got a minute to do it (ok, took a minute, still have theater knitting and have a Monday spinning deadline).  This is Abigail by Fox of tat-ology.  It's a lovely little pattern that was a joy to tat.  The thread is Yarnplayer's hdt Garden Afternoon in size 10 Cordonet.  Using size ten made this a rather large motif  (close to 6" from end to end) - almost big enough to use as a glass mat which is lovely because I like to set tatted pieces under everything else on wood furniture.


dmr said...

Once again you have produced a most beautiful piece of art.

Karen said...

Just last night I got out this pattern. I hope to get it started early next week after my Dragon Wing Doily is completed so as to avoid too many UFOs. Yours looks so very nice. Karen

TypsTatting said...

Lovely colours and a sweet motif!