Friday, February 11, 2011


Do you remember this?  I couldn't tell you what it was before, but since today is the 11th, I can tell you what it is now.   Girl Far From Home sent it to me and I opened it with her on skype last night.

I washed all the pieces up and dried them to get them ready . . . .

Then I put some water on to boil and measured some ground coffee into the carafe.  I'm going to have to go buy some different coffee though because Steve likes the strongest coffee and I like mine a little milder . . . but I have a Starbucks gift card and I know how to use it!
After the water boiled, I let it cool just a bit so it wasn't bubbling and added the proper amount of water.


Then I let it sit and brew for four minutes while I carried it and my cup downstairs to the computer to get on skype.  Girl Far From Home was already waiting for me.

I pushed the plunger down and poured my cup . . . . mmmmmm, tastes good!

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dmr said...

You are going to find a thousand uses for that coffee press. I know cause in my second package to you are items that require a coffee press. Enough hints