Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love Rabbits and Mail!

This is my pure angora yarn cowl/collar.  This is the yarn that Girl Far From Home bought me at the Blue Ridge Life Folk Festival last fall.  It's pure angora from a rabbit named Wizard, hand spun and in it's natural color.  The label says it's from "Handspun for Ewe" but I can't find that sold anywhere so I suspect it's just a farmer who showed up at that festival and sold handspun.  It's just dreamy.  The yarn is dreamy and was a joy to knit.  The neckwarmer is dreamy and is a joy to wear.  It's so soft it is absolutely unreal and it's warm around your neck - pure luxury.  I had to find the perfect thing to knit it into and never could so I just made up my own thing.

This is a yarn bell that came in the mail on Monday.  It's big - that's a 500 yard ball inside it - about 6" in diameter.  I love that it has a plate under it to protect your yarn from a dirty floor.  I think it would be nice in the car on the long ride to Florida - protect my yarn from under dirt and keep it from bouncing out of a bowl.
This yarn bell was made by Laura Murphy who runs the Wildthyme Art Etsy store.  She has some really lovely yarn bells and even lovelier hand dyed and hand spun yarn.

This is Desert Denizen Sock yarn - it came with the yarn bell.  It came from Wild Thyme Art shop on Etsy.  It's lovely - the picture just doesn't do it justice.

This came in the mail today but I'm not allowed to do more than take a picture of it right now.
That means you aren't allowed to see more than the picture right now.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The yarn is luscious, but what I really like is the yarn bell! I've seen many, but I haven't purchased one because there was no dish on the bottom. Maybe I'll find one I like at a fiber fest this year.

Teresa said...

I love that it has the plate to protect the bottom of the yarn . . . It also came from WildThyme on Etsy and she sells some absolutely gorgeous ones in several sizes.