Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blatant Appeal for Votes

I was test knitting two patterns for GirlFarFromHome (and they are turning out so very nice and I will show them to you tomorrow) and was also reading my emails.

There was an email newsletter from HeartStrings Fiber Arts about a contest. I love her patterns (found here on Ravlery) and have many of them on my list of One Day Some Day.

The Contest was the perfect excuse to finally put the Knitted Bunny first on the list. To enter the contest you simply have to knit one of the patterns in one or more of the Mardi Gras colors. Or have knitted one of them. What a great excuse to try out these beautiful patterns.

The contest ends Tuesday March 1 at noon and I would like to solicite your vote or at least tempt you into going and looking at the entries. To enter the contest yourself, to view the entries or to vote for any entry you like simply go HERE and if you are a fan (by LIKE-ing the page then you can vote by LIKE-ing the entry.

Now it back to test knitting Girl's cute little finny friends pattern. Since I was on a roll they are all done in Mardi Gras colors also.


Linda said...

Those bunnies are the cutest little things! Very good job!

All For Love Of Yarn! said...

Cute bunnies! I really wanted to tell you that I read your post in the Phat Fiber giveaway blog and the yarn pictured in the Tea and Yarn Club is coming back real soon. It's drying right now!


rsf said...

so cute!

Gina said...

these are adorable and I LOVE the colors!