Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Presents and furry friends . . .

First, a lovely package arrived for me from Wales the other day. I had asked, on Ravelry, if someone would trade something for a copy of Mazzmatazz's Rebel Knitter's Guide from the Guardian newspaper there. Couldn't find anyone to trade, but one very kind soul offered to send me a copy for free. When the package arrived, imagine my surprise and delight when it also contained a package of Jelly Babies! Doctor Who cannot have any of these . . . .

I also got the books I ordered from the Interweave Hurt Book sale. I can see absolutely nothing wrong with any of these books - other than the fact that someone wrote on the ISBN numbers with a pen. I'm guessing they did that to show that the books were not for sale. The Socks from Spin off book has some wonderful sock patterns in it. Good thing I now have a lifetime supply of sock yarn. I guess I'll start knitting other people's patterns for a while.

Still another package arrived from Dena - it contained a bunch of name labels for the girls' school stuff (thank you!), a magazine that I never got to read and this book. I printed out the pages she had already sent me, cut them down to size and stuck them in the book. Miss S wants me to start knitting a farm immediately. But those girls want me to knit everything for them with no regard to the time it takes to do it. Maybe if they'd start cooking and cleaning, but that's not too likely to happen any time soon.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pics of a few of the furry beasts who live in the house. They were all playing together in one room - well all three of these anyway, we cannot let the bully in that room or he beats everyone else up. So we currently have no picture of Billy the Bully - perhaps I'll take one and add it later . . . .

First, Casey. She's looking gorgeous with her newly fixed eyes and a fresh bath and a little growth on that short, short hair cut she had a while ago.

Next Cat - she's pretending to be regal here, but we all know she's just a crazy little imp. No sooner was the photo snapped than she got up and ran off at full speed across the room and up the furniture.

And last Jessica, who prefers the solitary, quiet space under the bed when there are goings on in the room. She's such a regal princess.

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