Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally Finished

I finally finished knitting these socks too. The yarn is Flat Feet from Conjoined Creations. They machine knit it into a flat piece of fabric and then dye it in fun and funky ways. Knitting it was no problem and I think I kinda liked having the flats to carry around instead of balls. Balls tend to roll all over the car and you have to keep the two balls from twisting and tangling. Rolling was absolutely no problem with these and twisting and tangling while I knit was a lot less of a problem.

There are two things that I discovered after I'd knit the socks. The first ws that the yarn bled dye pretty badly when I was blocking the socks. If I'd known it was going to do that, I would have reset the dye before I started knitting because that would have been the easiest time to do it. I could have done it after knitting and before blocking, but by then the sock blank had been cut off and was halfway unravelled.

The second thing I discovered was that the kink in the yarn messes up guage. I finally got the correct guage when I was knitting and thought everything was hunky dory. Then when I went to block the socks, they grew significantly as the yarn relaxed and let go the kink. I was a bit worried when I had wet socks that seemed to be growing faster than the kids. But I kinda squished them back into shape and then laid them flat on the drying blocks and hoped for the best. They dried and seem to fit just fine. Miss S is modeling them here and she said they were incredibly comfortable. They fit her tho they'd probably fall down and they fit me too. So all in all, it was fun and a good project. And I'll probably knit from a flat blank again sometime, but I'll remember what I learned.

One other thing that I learned . . . when you do the turned heel from the top down it does need some stockinette before you start turning.

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