Monday, August 11, 2008

New Yarn - Yum, yum!

We were at the local yarn shop today and searching for a specific bag of yarn at the very bottom of the sale bin. That meant that we had to almost completely empty the bin of bags to find the ONE bag that had the yarn Miss S wanted to make little piggies with.

This lovely bamboo was in the sale bin and apparently calling Miss M's name. She saved it out when we were busy replacing all the 200 bags we had removed in the search for the pig yarn. Then she found the blue/green bamboo and apparently it was calling her name even louder. So she decided that this lovely purple/green/white bamboo could be for a sweater for Miss S and she gets the lovely blue/green bamboo.
Obviously, I get to knit these sweaters. I probably get to knit them according to some strange design that lives only in that little blonde head of hers . . . . and I probably need to have them done before the first day of school. A little more than a week, that's enough time to knit two sweaters, isn't it?

This lovely yarn is the yarn I won for my sock pattern. The green yarn was a substitute for a skein that was black and red self striping yarn. It was meant to be University of Georgia colors and I'm sure many people here in Georgia would absolutely LOVE it, but I'm going to start being a Georgia Tech fan since I'm sure that's where Miss M will end up. Now do you think I can get the lady who owns Numma Numma Yarns to dye me up a batch of yellow and black tech colored yarn?

Anyway, these are the Numma Numma Toasty for Needle Nook Exclusive Colors (except for the green). From left to right, meet: Pesto, Needle Nook Nosh (my favorite I think), Lou's Brew and Shirley's Breakfast Blues (really pretty in person).

I really like the Numma Numma yarn - it's smushy and nice to knit with. I might make Steve a pair of socks with the Lou's Brew colorway. Not sure about the rest, but with all my new sock books, I am sure I can find something to do with it.

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