Monday, August 25, 2008

More critters

I had lots of the Galway wool leftover from the first hedgehog. Miss M decided she really needed another, so I said we'd get some fun fur and I'd make her another. Well, then Miss S thought she should have one too. But Miss S didn't want one that was dull beige or brown, she wanted green. I tried to get her to let me put pink paws on it, but she didn't want to go there.
So, here are the two new hedgehogs - the green and the beige.
The Huggable Hedgehog pattern is pretty easy to follow - the back is all short rows, so you kinda have to pay a little attention. But other than that, it's simple and really quick. You can almost make one of these in an evening. One thing that I really like about the pattern is that there is absolutely no sewing. You knit the front of the body and then pick up stitches around it for the back. That's as hard as it gets - picking up stitches and then the short rows. There isn't even any purling in this little guy.

And here is the finished green hedgehog.

And the fun fur I got for Miss S has multiple colors in it - a nice beige with some copper and a touch of green. That way he won't clash with the Green Hedgehog.
A comparison of the finished hedgehog with the two unfelted bodies of the new hedgehogs.
And the finished beige hedgehog.

And of course, a group shot!
They are all very Huggable Hedgehogs.

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Anonymous said...

All of your hedge hogs are so cute. I love the eyes and nose. Where did you get them? I have made one hedgehog and needle felted the nose which was nice but I did French knots for the eyes -- which I didn't like.


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