Friday, September 7, 2007

Ready to Cast On!

I still have Steffie's sweater on the needles, but as it turns out it is at a place where it needs to be tried on before I can finish it. I worked on it last night and it may already be too long (does her belly button need to show?). I already knit the stupid thing once and had to rip it out. Even tho she tried it on at least 4 times while I was knitting it and swore it fit, it was far to small and tight. I know teenagers like things tight, but I thought it might be important for her to breath while she wore it . . . . .

Here's my yarn and I'm ready to go cast on!!! (The gray looking yarn is actually a lovely sage green and the red is actually burgundy - don't know why I got washout in those two and not the lavender or lime.)

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