Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fishy purse . . . .or Fish Bowl Purse

I made this fish purse or fish bowl purse for a friend who sent me a full sized (like 3 feet tall and in a really big pot of dirt) passion flower thru the mail. Must have cost her a fortune. I love the fish swimming around their bowl - they are all beads just placed in straight stitch. It was easy and quick to make. The pattern came from this year's pattern a day knitting calendar.


dmr said...

How did you do the fish - sew beads on after?? I think it is adorable.

TRH said...

No, I strung them on the yarn and then knit the yarn and pulled them up to the needles as I needed them. It's actually a pattern I found in the Knitter's Calendar. I had to use skinny yarn and small needles cuz I couldn't find beads with bigger holes. I can send you the pattern if you want.