Friday, September 7, 2007

Finished Objects

Had some time yesterday to knit. I finished the baby blanket while waiting for the oil change in the car - used three skeins all up. I could have ended it with slightly less yarn, but didn't see any point in saving the bits. I do have a fourth ball, but it's always good to have some baby yarn on hand for hats and booties for unexpected arrivals. I will take the baby blanket to the school today for the new parents. (Very sad, was supposed to be twins - boy & girl - but the baby girl died.)

I also had a bit more time while I was waiting for the girls - Thursdays are tutoring, flute and, of course, can never pick the actress up till several hours after school. So, even tho the mini sweater was barely begun, I finished it too. It was knit on size 0 needles with regular baby yarn so it was tight knitting and my hands were sore when I finished.

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