Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finished . . . . .

with absolutely nothing at all! I need more time to knit. If I quit doing things like housework, laundry and gardening I might have time to finish something. But where I'm really going to gain back an awful lot of time is by getting rid of the children. They take up so much of my time it's just not funny. I spend most of my day doing unimportant things like feeding them, dressing them, making sure they get everything ready for school, packing lunches for them, taking them to school and then doing the things that need to be done while they are at school so they can continue to be my children. And then in the afternoons. . . . . that's when they really mess up my schedule . . . . hours and hours of doing things for them and with them - taking them here and there, waiting for them here and there, making sure they do their stupid homework (I finished school and shouldn't have to do homework anymore).

I think I'll just sell them so I can finish my knitting.

And to make matters worse, my knitting needles haven't shipped yet. Georgiana promised me that they would go out first thing in the morning, but I'm not prepared to believe her just because she said it. And I still haven't gotten the books from either amazon or Scotland - in fact, I haven't gotten the ones I ordered at the local yarn shop.

It's been a disgusting day.

And I'm never going to finish that stupid sweater for that daughter of mine. Who was it who thought knitting an entire sweater in ribbing would be cute? What idiot decided that the all-but-finished sweater should be ripped out completely just because it was a little tight? The kid doesn't need to breath anymore, she's had plenty of oxygen in her lifetime. And why on earth would anyone knit the stupid thing a second time after it didn't work the first time? It's never going to be finished. I'll still be knitting it when I'm one hundred and twenty three.

Will tomorrow be better?

Oh, and how was your day?

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