Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bad, bad girl!

I have been very busy this morning being a bad girl when I should have been knitting. I have to take the girls out shopping this afternoon (like now), so I will never finish the unfinished sweater (whose idea was it to knit an entire sweater in ribbing anyway?) and get on to finishing the first wash cloth. You guys are gonna finish them all before I finish the first one . . . good thing this is not a race.

So here's all the stuff I bought this morning . . . . bad, bad girl.
I still don't have a regular Options set, but I do have all my addi's. They are great even if you can't change the length. I was going to buy myself a set but decided that I couldn't really afford to. Like I could really afford to buy all this other stuff!!!
Oops! I did it again! M has been wanting a computer game for a long time. She wanted to order it as a download, but I feel safer having a cd since computers tend to die in this house. So I went to amazon and ordered it as a cd - and I ordered Two End Knitting for myself! I'll let you know what nice patterns it has in it for our twined knitting project.


dmr said...

Do not feel bad.
Saturday mom ordered copies of Two End Knitting from Amazon for each of us.

Mom is making progress on her feather and fan but it is not cooperating so she is focusing on finishing her afghan - has just under two hundred rows of 260 stitches to go.

I can not make gauge or even close to it on the washclothes. It was supposed to be 11 inches and dropping down to size 1 needle I can get 14 1/2. Every thing I do I drop down two to three sizes and still can't make gauge.

I have two sewaters on needles right now. I shall finish those sweaters.

And then ...
I will learn to knit. My mother will teach me. Actually I think I know what I am doing not right and what it will take to knit tight enough that I can make guage. But I have to retrain myself to do that. Re-learning to knit will be difficult, but the washcloths will be a perfect project. No biggie if I mess up and have uneven stitches.

dmr said...

There is a size limit to comments - imagine that.

Anyway - if I try to correct my problems in the middle of sweaters - well that might not be good. Especially since one is for mom and one is on gi-normous needles for Rob.

dmr said...

Where did you find Tudor Roses???????

TRH said...

Well I spent enough yesterday to wipe out my knitting budget for at least the rest of this year and possibly for next year as well. I ordered Tudor Roses from the Scottish company. I was watching an auction that didn't seem to be getting too high and suddenly it went to $158 and that's just too high. I had emailed a lady who started an auction at $99 and it didn't sell and asked if she'd put the starting bid lower. She said she was gonna try again and then she'd lower it. So she ran the auction again starting at 99 and it didn't get any bids - so she restarted it at $149 - last I heard that was higher than 99. I won't bid on that one. There's a third out there starting at $49 but who knows what it will do. So I gave up and ordered the scottish fibers copy.

I looked in the used book store for twined knitting again and no luck and Maddie wanted a computer game that Amazon had so. . . . Well, it is silly to pay all that postage and handling on just one item.

And those needles are so cool looking, at least Steffie thinks so - they are calling them clown barf on the forums. But I like wood needles and always meant to order the Options kit but never had enough money to do it. Was going to order both but restrained myself and darn good thing too, since I ordered books after the needles!

My feather and fan is still sitting there with a couple of pattern repeats done. I didn't check guage and wouldn't bother on a washcloth. If it's too wide, drop a repeat!

What sweater are you making for Rob?