Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Doctor Is Calling

This is Mom's Bigger on the Inside shawl on the blocking boards.  It is a lot bigger than the one I knit for Girl Far From Home here.  Casey is always so helpful when I'm blocking knitting.  Zuzu is just trouble, so she gets relegated to the bed because she cannot jump off of it yet.

This is the backside - I blocked it upside down - but you can see the Tardis pattern on the bottom quite well.

The finished shawl - it is a good bit bigger than the one I made the Girl.  I'm not sure if I just blocked it better or if I knit looser and then blocked better.  Actually, I added length to both of them and maybe I made this one even longer than the first one.  Either way, it is nice (if you ignore the ends hanging down - they will be worked in eventually).

 This is some more Tardis colored yarn that is going to become a hat for Mom.

Zuzu and Casey showing us the toy box, in case we missed it.


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Kathy Niklewicz said...

Your knitting skills and speed continue to astound me! This to me is just the right size for a shawl. The tardus theme is interesting! I have to admit that I never followed Dr Who, but those who did would covet this shawl! Your cute puppy will soon learn to jump odd the bed, and then you'll be in trouble LOL!