Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Test Knitting

 One of the reasons that this blog has been so badly neglected lately is that I cannot post about what I am doing when I am test knitting for designers and yarn companies.  This is the yarn and the first clue on a test knit that I just finished for a Knit Along on Ravelry.  The yarn is a gradience yarn which means it gradually changes colors from the beginning to the end.  I can only show you the yarn and the first clue because the clues are released one a week and only the first has been released.  I love the colors of the yarn . . .  and you will love the finished project!

This is the next test knit I have been hired to do.  Each of those hanks of yarn is 312 yards of fine lace weight, there are six different colors.  I start with the one on the bottom, knit until it is almost gone and then blend into the second, knit that until it is nearly gone and blend in the third, etc, until I have knit all of them.  I don't know when this needs to be completed, but given the amount of yarn that has to be knit, I hope it isn't any time soon!

This is my early Christmas present.  I really couldn't afford it, but I wanted it and convinced myself I needed it.  I have one of the original iPads that came out - but I didn't pay for it, it was a gift.  It won't do 3g internet which means that if I travel I cannot use it to go online unless I find wifi.  That doesn't bother me most of the time, but we don't have wifi available at the beach.  It's hard to answer emails and read patterns on the phone.  Also, the first iPad had no cameras so Skype, Oovoo and Facetime were a lot less fun.  This little mini has the two cameras that Apple has added to the bigger iPads since the second generation but it's small and oh so lightweight.  

It was a splurge, but it's so much fun!  

Zuzu doesn't care if you pay attention to her or not, as long as she can still play!


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