Sunday, November 18, 2012


 Finally a post!  Finally a Finished Item!!!

This is the alpaca Orchid Thief I made for Dena's and my last knit along.  I finished it in time for the Ravelry Knit Along where the designer was giving out prizes but she hasn't given them yet.  
I think it turned out quite nice, even with the variegated yarn - at least if you don't look too closely at it.

I was a little concerned about the yarn when I was knitting it and even more when I was blocking it . . .

But in the end, it is a lovely shawl and the alpaca is so soft and nice.
Thanks Mom, for the yarn!

I bought these beads for something, not sure what, but they look so nice with this yarn.

Had to move all the plants to the greenhouse this weekend.  It hasn't frozen (or even frosted) here yet, but if we go off next weekend without having moved the plants, it surely will.  Of course, now that they are moved, it will be warm and sunny!

And a recent Zuzu shot.  She takes up most of a lap now - she's grown so much!  I trimmed the hair above her eyes so you can just about see them (not quite).


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