Sunday, November 25, 2012

Coolest Shoes Ever!


 The toes are shiny blue and the purple stripes on the heel are shiny and the Ns on the side are too!

That Other Girl had two pair of boots, one with heals and one flat and a pair of sneakers.  She really needed new shoes.  It became especially apparent when, over the Thanksgiving break, her father decided he hated her boots.  So, today we went out and bought her a couple of pair of shoes.  

My walking sneakers are quite old - at least 5 years - and have big holes in the lining where the plastic heel stabilizers are coming into the shoe and tearing up my socks and feet.  I saw these really cool shoes in the store and they weren't ridiculously priced, so I now have some seriously cool shoes.

 When we get rid of the kids, we are going to move to Florida.  Just over the border is this hotel and souvenir stand.  We are going to run them and live there, happily ever after.

This photo is blurry but I think you can see what I'm trying to show.  In April of 1999 my DH bought his BMW.  December first of that same year, he bought me a Landrover Discovery II.  I sold the Discovery in 20007 with about 120,000 miles on it and bought a brand new Acura MDX.  This weekend it hit 100,000 miles.  DH's BMW also recently hit 100,000 miles.  Guess who drives more!  (It doesn't help that we always use my car to go to the beach, but I drive a LOT.)

I think Casey has really become attached to Zuzu.  She comes running if Zuzu yips and sometimes just comes to get Zuzu and takes her wherever she is going.  At the beach, she both dug holes for Zuzu to lay in and taught Zuzu the fine art of digging in the sand.  They were quite the pair.


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