Saturday, September 22, 2012

huarizo named ????

Last year after Dai was born (October 15) I saw Polo doing it with Mama Llama Tanna.  Using the gestation calenders that put the baby due between October 5 and November 6.  The earliest date was September 27.  My digital camera is broke and is taped together.  You have to hold it just so, squeeze here and there, to take pictures.  So I ordered a new camera this morning.

I took pictures of Tanna yesterday cause she was looking more round than just getting chubby for winter.  Teresa agreed that it might be more round than chubby.  But the earliest due date was next week.

This morning we did Bountiful Baskets and when we pulled into the drive something was not right.  I told dh that a baby was nursing on Tanna.  He said it was just Augusta who tries to nurse on all the Aunties.  No, this one isn't quite the same color but I don't see Augusta any where else so maybe.

So, Maddie, what is your new llama boy's name going to be.

Alpacas and llamas can successfully cross-breed. If it is a llama mama and an alpaca papa the resulting offspring are called huarizo, which are valued for their unique fleece and gentle dispositions.  The most common hybrid between South American camelids, huarizo tend to be much smaller than llamas, but their fiber is longer.  Pronounced hua·ri·zo. noun \wäˈrē(ˌ)zō  And what will he look like?  More llama or more alpaca?  If the huarizo grows up to more llama-like than alpaca-like, he’ll be a warilla.Or if he is more alpaca-like then he is called a t’aqa.  And yes he is fertile.  And yes Polo is in the front pasture so he can't get Angelique (Augusta's mom) or Tanna pregnant again.  We possibly have a baby due for Christmas (one of Teresa's girls) but I would prefer spring or summer babies.

And now for cuteness.

 A farm in France had a brown alpaca (almost the same color as dad Polo) jump the fence and spend time with her female llamas.  Several cute huarizos resulted.

More cutenes - Mom and Augusta
 My Mom and Augusta
 Augusta's Mom (Angelique) and Augusta
Augusta and LLarry



Teresa said...

So you are going to handle both of them every day so that they get and stay tame?

They are both adorable!

Dena said...

Handling Augusta is easy because the pacas let me.
Tanna was very less than pleased about us messing with her baby and she is bigger than I am.
It's Maddie's baby, she can handle it everyday before and after school.

Cindy said...

SOOOOOO cute! I know nothing about them except that they are adorable. I remember seeing a Llama somewhere named Dolly - I thought that was quite clever!

I believe I would like to hold this baby!

Steph said...

We had six huarizos born on our farm last year, all the result of Brendan he alpaca having an unauthorised foray into the female llamas' field! They're lovely animals, all quite small but fantastically fluffy!

Dena said...

Your blog is where I learned what the cross was called. Actually almost everything we know about these little guys is from you. Thank you Brendan for making Steph write about huarizos.