Monday, September 24, 2012

Mom's Nails

Mom loves getting a manicure every week.  And Trev loves doing Mom's nails every week.  They create.

They will pick a theme and then the nails are created, by hand, by an artist.

I still remember the first time Mom sat down in Trev's chair.  Panic.  Trev was so new to manicures and the ones that she did were very very plain and simple.  But not any more.

Meet Trev who makes Mom coffee to start off each session.
Then it is off and running with whatever the current theme is.  This time it was the Chinese characters for Good Fortune, Friend, Wealth, Health, and so on.  A different symbol for each nail.
 It usually takes two weeks to get the nails finished because of the detail that goes into the design.
 For the Chinese characters, the first week was the red background and the characters drawn in black.  The second week was to outline each character in gold.
 And then it is usually time to move on to something different.  These two did Doctor Who with a different character or item on each nail.  Who is Doctor Who?  Well, Trev didn't know either but they turned out great.
They use pictures (for Doctor Who and the Chinese symbols  but currently they are doing Halloween.  Cats and bats and haunted houses, ghosts and candy corn.  And enough things for each nail to have a unique item.  Christmas is the same, something different on each nail - stocking, tree, wreath and so on.
And several times a year mom has Trev put a photograph on each nail.  Of mom and dad, each child and grandchild.  Sorry not enough nails for great grandchildren.


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