Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm not sure quite how it always happens, but it does.  I post a lot for a while and then suddenly, I find that days and sometimes even a week have gone by since my last post.  My excuse is that I've been busy and have had little to show for my time.  I've been knitting this Teddy Bear Illusion baby blanket since we left for the beach and it's not done yet.  Baby blankets are pretty big and take a bit of time and they are boring so I'm easily distracted.  It's more than halfway done though and will be a nice sized blanket to take the baby into the toddler years.  You cannot see the bear when looking straight at the blanket nearly as well in person.  The blanket is acrylic, so doesn't need to be blocked but I find that running them through the machine helps them lay flat and loosen up a bit - which this one needs to do.


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