Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How many do you see?

Count the musical instruments . . . we didn't include the Jews Harps or the small electric keyboards which are more toys than musical instruments.

 We did include the Melodica.  Girl Far From Home cannot ever be Far From a musical instrument.  She can't afford any more right now and I can't either.  So I guess this is the end for her.  That Other Girl has a bass guitar on order and has the money saved to buy it.   I keep hearing about people finding instruments at garage sales, never happens to me though.

 One more shot . . . how many instruments do you see?


Michelle said...

A house full of music, how very wonderful! Glorious picture by yet way.

Cindy said...

I see 10 instruments. I can hear the music now! I have a big family (extended) and there is always music - especially wonderful at Christmas.