Thursday, July 19, 2012

At the feeder

 The birds have gone nuts this summer!  We have dozens of baby cardinals in our yard - well, I guess they are juveniles now because they follow mom and dad to the feeder.  DH fills this feeder to the top every day and they eat every bit of it before nightfall.  What's worse is that the neighbor now has 4 feeders and they are doing the same to him.

I know these pictures are blurry.  I had to take them through the kitchen window or the birds all fly away.  If you look on the wall of the pond, you can see a little chipmunk who likes to hang out under the feeder for his snacks.

In fact, we have a lot of ground birds that eat under the feeder.  The Towhee's are hilarious - they hop at anyone else who tries to get seed on the ground when they are around.  That little bench is a child's bench - less than a foot tall to the seat (for size comparison).

And yesterday, this fella was eating the seed on the kitchen sink window sill - not too worried about me inside, but he did run away after I shot a couple of pictures.


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