Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strange. But Cool.

This is a vest that I saw a lady wearing at Stitches South.  It's made entirely of a gold metallic thread and pop tabs off soda/beer cans.  It was kind of pretty and very interesting but I wouldn't actually wear it myself.  That poor lady was being bombarded by people saying how unusual/cool/stupid/etc her vest was and asking a million questions about who made it, how they made it, why they made it, etc.

Although, I think if I made one, That Other Girl would really like it.  Too bad I don't crochet except under duress.



thora said...

OMG!I'd wear that for Halloween.

Isdihara said...

LOL -- your comment about not crocheting "except under duress" really hit home.

I prefer to leave the crocheting to my twin sister, who is the most excellent crocheter. She feels the same way about tatting!

Thanks for sharing your impressions from Stitches South. The "Tab Vest" would win the "reuse, recycle" category of a crafty competition hands down!

Sally Kerson said...

What a great way to recycle tho pop tabs! I love crocheting but it uses far to much thread, tatting is much more economical in that respect.