Monday, May 21, 2012

What's going on?

First, I have my tatting.  I have actually finished this Spinning Wheel Glass Mat and it's ready to be sent out as a gift.  I'm immediately going to start on another because I love these and all the ones I've made have been given away.

This is the Blue Heron Metallic that Mom bought me when she was here.  I knit it into a shawlette but I didn't like it so I ripped it out and I'm going to reknit it into Summer Flies

 This is some Miss Babs Yet lace weight.  I'm knitting a Merike Saarniit Estonian Style Lace scarf from a Stitches South class.  

This is the yarn from The Unique Sheep.  It was meant to become the Tea Rose Shawlette but there are serious problems with that pattern's design and I prefer to make something prettier. I plan to knit the Pine and Ivy shawl with this yarn because it's lovely yarn and deserves to be a lovely finished object.

This is some yarn with silver that Mom sent to Girl Far From Home a while ago.  I'm planning to start knitting Bigger on the Inside with it.  I hope Girl will like it.

This is the beginning of a strip knit project.  I am using several twisted traveling stitches and the techniques I learned from Anna Zilboorg at Stitches South.  The idea is to embroider the knitting after I finish knitting it.  Then I want to make a sweater like this (but not with this yarn, it's too splitty).

This is my Shaun the Sheep kit that I bought a while ago.  I am hoping to make two sheep out of the one kit (most of the folks on Ravelry got at least two).  I promised these to Girl Far From Home and her roommate last fall.  Her roommate is in for a rather nasty surprise and I am hoping this will soften the blow.

All those projects live in my big Thneed knitting bag.  It is going to the beach with me for a long weekend and then another whole week with two weekends.  I should be able to get a lot done.

This is my Jacqui vest.  I actually started this in March and yes, I have been working on it but keep putting it down to knit other things.  The back is complete and all it needs are the fronts so it shouldn't take long now . . . 

And this is my Tina's Sweater - it's been on the needles since last August.  It's another project that keeps getting set aside for others.  The body is completely done and the sleeves are started.  There isn't much to do - lengthen the sleeves, add a collar (very small) and button bands.  I should just finish it.
I won't need it for a few months . . .


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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Your Spinning Wheel is gorgeous! What thread did you use? I don't blame you for starting another one right away... I have two in progress right now. : )

I'm ashamed to say that I haven't given knitting a thought since I started my vest way back when. It's still only halfway finished. Maybe this summer...