Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tatting Tea Tuesday - Finally!

I finally have something to show for Tatting Tea Tuesday!  This has taken me much longer than it should have because I seemed to have so darned many knitting deadlines and didn't get to work on it!  This is a Spinning Wheel Glass Mat by Mary Konior using Anika's HDT.  I love the colors of this thread!  I went back to this easy pattern because I almost always have success with it and I was having no success with so many other things.

This is my next project - a necklace for myself.  I am almost using Crazy Mom's Count to Four pattern (found here), but not quite.  I wanted mine smaller and I don't want beads.  I have a special something I want to hang from this . . . more on that later.  I do hope to finish this quickly because I want to make more glass mats using both the Spinning Wheel pattern and Anne Bruvold's Dragon wing pattern.

I've had the little floss bobbins on the ring for a while - as you can see, most of them are full.  (I really need to start using those little bits up, don't I?)  So I bought some more of the bobbins and I bought myself a new bobbin winder.  I've found that I can put the hanks of HDT that I get from most sellers on my yarn swift and then wind them onto the bobbin from that.  It makes it so much quicker than winding by hand and trying to keep the hank from tangling.

I found this Krenik thread on sale for half price in one of the yarn shops I visited the other day.  I thought it would be lovely to tat some Christmas Decorations out of it -either by itself or together with another thread.  Half of these are supposed to be for Dena, but she has to tell me which ones she wants.

And this is a very special present I bought myself.  Tatterldy was giving away a David Reed Smith shuttle on her blog but I figured I had little chance of winning it (and I was right) so I just ordered one for myself!  It's bubinga wood and so is the crochet hook.  I have some more of Anika's HDT wound on it already and I'm going to make a Dragon Wing Doily with it.  Soooooo pretty!  The Count to Four necklace is meant to hold the crochet hook but I'll use some kind of metal jump ring to attach it.  


Isdihara said...

Thanks for sharing your tatting on Tatting Tea Tuesday! Love the HDT from Anika and your Spinning Wheel Glass Mat looks FAB.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I LOVE the Spinning Wheel glass mat! That is my all-time-favorite pattern, and the thread you chose is beautiful!

Do I dare start another project? No. No. No! I must control myself and not be swayed by peer pressure! : )

Fox said...

I fear you may have set Diane off again, as it is a wonderful glass mat. Gorgeous!
Fox : )