Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Decorations!

Last Sunday we decorated for Halloween.  We don't do nearly as much as we used to, but youngest child still likes things dressed up for this holiday.

It's a big deal in our neighborhood.  The neighbors all do a lot - used to be even more, but some of the neighbors have gotten older and quit doing haunted houses, etc.  There are still house parties here and there.  There is still one guy in the neighborhood who sets up a grill in his driveway and makes hot dogs for all comers.  Another house gives away light up necklaces.  And it's a big social occasion for everyone.

Some of our decorations are as old as the children and most all of them are more than 10 years old.  I did have to replace most of the little pumpkins we hang in the trees and bushes a few years ago, but some are still older than my youngest who is 15.

I really love these ghosts - you can make them with white kitchen garbage bags, balloons and black markers. Some of these were bought and others hand made.

This is my favorite pumpkin - he's terracotta and holds a candle.  He's pretty new - only about 3 years old.  

And there have to be knitted decorations for every holiday - a few pumpkins (double duty for Thanksgiving) and some ghosties.

This is Sally.  We got her when That Other Girl was fairly young and she's the one who named her Sally (who knows why).  She has lived in this corner of the kitchen year round for several years now.

And then there are these little stuffed guys - they are Casey's decorations.  She likes them a lot!  

Now I need to tat some spiders or something for the windows!

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