Thursday, October 13, 2011


Still no frost down here in Georgia.  The mums and obedient plant are still blooming and I still have tomatoes ripening on the vine.

This is my night blooming cereus - if this doesn't get knocked off, it will be lovely when it opens.  These guys are so fragrant that the nieghbors 3 or 4 houses down can smell them when they bloom.

And I still have several buds on my favorite red Passion Flower.  Can't wait for these to open!

We still have tomatoes ripening on the vine . . . the vine isn't looking very pretty these days, but there are both red and green tomatoes.  The red ones are delicious!

My mini roses are blooming - there is this yellow one and another that is yellow with orange edges . . . those pics were too blurry to post.  The big red rose is also blooming, but those pics were also too blurry.  I really need a new camera.

And one of my favorite fall flowers is the toad lily.  My plant is about 12 years old and so has many spikes and each and every one of them is covered with these little orchid looking flowers.  They always bloom for me in October and I just love them!

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