Monday, October 10, 2011

Knitting Catch Up

I started a second block for the Marilyn Blanket.  I like the blue and green together.  

And my Tina's Sweater is coming along nicely.  It's about 11 1/2 from the bottom edge now.  The pattern calls for 15 inches from the lower edge to the armhole so that means I'm getting there.  I love this yarn - cannot begin to say how much I love it.  It knits so nicely and feels lovely both in the knitting and when knitted.  It's Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL sport.  I will be buying more of this, someday for something.

I finished winding all the Madeline Tosh Merino Light into balls.  I know that the folks at Madeline Tosh say that the tangled hank issues have been solved but I don't think I'll ever risk buying this yarn again anyway.  Some of these balls took hours (plural) to wind and I just don't like any yarn enough to deal with that.  I'm such a lovely sister that I wound Dena's into balls for her too because I know she wouldn't have had the patience to deal with it and would have tossed the tangled heap into the back of her yarn room and never gotten it out for the knit along.  These will be two Sothia shawls.

A friend called on Friday and asked if I wanted to go visit two yarn shops - one I had never been to and the other I hadn't been to since it moved.  The first one was great - found these four hanks of  Mountain Colors River Twist on sale by one get one free.  Since I've always liked this yarn, I bought them.  I'm going to make an Elizabeth Zimmermann Rib Warmer Vest for myself out of this - maybe.

This is for a very special Christmas Present and I cannot say more than that - except that it won't be tatted.

I have given all the Ishbel's I've made away so I'm thinking it might be time to make another.  Maybe this will be for me?

I've got these two lovely yarns - both beautiful colors and both very soft.  I just don't know which to knit first!

I think I can toss this in between knitting on the list of Knit Along things I'm working on with Dena because I'm pretty far ahead of her.  We are working on the Marilyn Blanket and the Tina's Sweater now.  We have the Pine & Ivy shawl using the Blue Heron Chesapeake, the Sothia Shawls using the Madeline Tosh, the 22 Leaves Shawl using the quiviut, and the Allspice Vest using as yet unidentified yarn already in the Knit Along Queue . . . oh yeah, and the Cambridge shawl which Dena started and I didn't.  

Ok, maybe I just better keep on working on the queue . . . no ishbel for now.

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