Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pond Fairy Came!

While we were at the beach, the Pond Fairy came and not only cleaned but fixed my pond! He (I guess if he's a he, we should call him the Pond Gnome instead of Fairy) removed the rocks and raised all the edges of the liner so that it holds enough water to run the skimmer and therefore the falls. He also removed the bridge because it was rotten. Removal of the bridge actually has several advantages - it was a huge attraction to small children and I was uncomfortable with some of the children attracted. It also gave those same children easy access to poking the pond with large sticks (yes, one kid actually did that). The biggest advantage tho, is that now the front end of the pond gets a lot more sun!
The rock wall is much lower now, so it gets more sun over the wall, and without the bridge causing shade, the sun hits more of the pond. I think I might be able to get a water lily to live and, dare I say it?, bloom for me!

The pondlet on the patio is doing pretty well too - and it has it's very own blooming mini-lily. This is n. minuta and has had blooms on it almost since it arrived here. This one opened underwater this morning, but when I straightened the pot up (raccoons knocked it over), the lily just stood right up in all it's miniature glory.

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