Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Total Mish Mash

Today's post is a total mish mash of what's been going on since the last time I posted. It's been busy. It's been crazy. It's been pleasant and very unpleasant.

I'm going on a road trip tomorrow to drop a child off at a summer camp. So I have to post a bunch tonight before I go.

First, this is p. belotii blooming. I love this flower because it has such a fragrance. I'm bringing some rooted passiflora cuttings with me for D - at least one and hopefully two. She'll like that, I'm sure.

Then there is the yarn I spun. This is the Artist Pallet and the Box of Crayons spun and then plyed together. It's fine - about 12 wpi I think (tho I need to remeasure after setting the twist). There are 488 yards and I think it might make a nice shawl - looking for a nice triangular lace pattern for it. It's got nice color changes.

This is some super fine yarn spun on the micro trindle that Jeremy (trindleman) sent me. Just in case I haven't mentioned how much I love these things, let me tell you that they are fabulous! This handspun is thinner than sewing thread and perfect and strong and lovely. And it was easy to make because of the trindle he sent me.

And these are some of Miss M's needlefelted creations - they are wonderful and getting better with each attempt. The wizard on the right is fantastic! And Lanolyn is back in one piece and better than ever. The monster in the back is adorable and the pic doesn't do him justice. The alpaca in the front was a thank you gift and is perfect and wonderful.

This is the seamist ecospun (with recycled soda bottles) that I spun. It's lovely yarn and soft and nice and you'd never believe it was plastic unless I told you - maybe not even then.

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Knit Witch said...

OH. MY. GOSH. on that teensie weensie handspun!!!!!!