Friday, June 12, 2009

First, on the trindle I have some lovely Bamboo/Merino roving from PortFiber - it's a sample from the May box. The plan is to spin it really fine and then navaho ply it to make a dk or fingering weight yarn and see just how far I can take one ounce. So far the plan is working pretty well - trindles make spinning fine yarn very easy.

This is just a shot I took of all the trindles to show someone and since it is nice and clear I thought you might like to see which ones are coming out to you. The one with the white yarn and purple beads is intended for Dena (yes, it's been tested to make sure it works - it does). The one with no yarn and the lovely brown stone beads is intended for Mom - the wood on the shaft is absolutely gorgeous.
I started the February Lady Sweater when we were at the beach. It was coming along swimmingly - knit a lot at the beach and for the full 5 hour road trip home. I had the entire top done and about 4" of the gull lace pattern. Then when we got home I tried it on and decided it was just too tight so I ripped it out and started over. These pics were after I'd already started ripping, so don't show how long the lace really was.
I really love this yarn - it's the Mysterious Fuschia superwash from Lambs pride and the colors in it are wonderful - it's purple but has fuschia, turquoise, blue and purple fibers in it so that it has a heathery look when you get close.

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