Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach Knitting

When we go down to the beach, I always get a lot of knitting time. First there is the 5 1/2 hour car ride which is usually pure knitting time. Then there is the beach time - I knit on the beach and at the pool too!

So this trip, I finished the Sahara Vest I was making for myself.

And the Leyburn Socks - Again for myself.

And this green short sweater from my Mossy Glen Handspun.

And this blue short sweater from my Midnight handspun.


Eve said...

Wow! That Chiara worked beautifully with your Brooks Farm yarn. I love the short sweaters from your handspun too. And we won't talk about the socks. Just don't ever remove them in my presence should you wish to keep them, although I'm sure Miss S would beat me to them.

CottageCrafts said...

Eve, I was thinking the same thing! the socks are delicious!
I'm playing catch up at the mo Theresa, I cant wait to read more of your blog and see how your garden is doing xxx