Sunday, August 7, 2016

Baby Doll

This is yet another Annita Wilschut Pattern - Jutta.
Until recently this was not available through Ravelry or in English.  
Annita is Dutch and her patterns are all available in that language on her website
You can see tons of really cute photos of them on her blog.

I had so much fun knitting Vera bears that I sent her a message and asked if maybe she would consider translating a few other patterns, especially Jutta - this little baby doll.
She responded that she was working on a translation and looking for an English speaker to read it and possibly test knit it.  I immediately volunteered to do both.

This is my baby doll - no gratuitous butt shots, but let me tell you she has a really cute butt!

Jutta the baby finished and wearing her overalls.  Each strand of hair is an icord.  It took forever to knit them all, but they really turned out cute.  She has an alternate method for giving the doll hair that I will probably try on the next doll I knit.  I really love this doll - mine is made with Aran weight yarn and just the perfect size for some little girl to love!