Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One more bear

I have made so very many of these bears now.  Dena says I like to knit the same thing a hundred times - like the hundred felted hedgehogs I knit.  She may be right.  It feels like I have knit a hundred of these bears so far.  It hasn't been that many, but I have reached my limit for now.

Anyway, it seems that I knit them for grandchildren, strangers' children, friends' children and everyone but my own children.  Turns out that one of my children wanted one.  So this little light brown bear is for Steffie.

It knit up pretty fast.  That could be because I think I have memorized the pattern.

 The other bears in the house helped - one helped knit, another put on eyes and BearBear helped stuff the new friend.  It is quick work when you have so many helpers!

 Then we took some group photos.  A couple of the little Grateful Dead bears got in on one photo but the bigger bears shooed them away for the second photo.

Then the new little bear stole BearBear's overalls and left to go live in Kennesaw.
BearBear has no overalls but best buds have no clothing at all!


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Jane McLellan said...

Splendid bears, I'm not surprised there are plenty of takers for them!