Sunday, September 22, 2013

On the Needles

First, actually started is the Zodiac le Plume pattern by Holly Chayes in Cephalopod Yarns Skinny Bugga in the Sand Dollar color way.  This color is actually a pale lavender and very lovely but sometimes and in some lights it looks a little gray.  This is going to be gorgeous and it's a pretty easy knit.

 Next up is the Theodosia Shawlette by Sarah Eyre.  Sarah owns Cephalopod Yarns.  This is a lovely, lacy little shawlette and it should be a fun knit.  The yarn is sort of a burnt red-orange, it was a tough color to capture.  It is lovely though.  

And now for some gratuitous cute dog photos . . . they were, as always, helping me take these photos.  They are always by my side, helping with whatever I need help with. 
I guess they use their sense of smell to keep up with me because it sure doesn't look like they can see well enough to follow!!
Top dog is Casey, and the little one below is Zuzu.

And the whole time I was outside taking photographs, there was a flock of hawks flying over head and screaming.  I don't know if you call multiple hawks a flock or not, but there were at least seven that I counted.  I couldn't get more than two in a photo, but trust me, there were many more.  I was a little worried about Zuzu since she doesn't even weigh ten pounds yet, but she's safe and sound.


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Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful yarns. I've noticed myself that lilac can be borderline grey. I'm glad Zuzu wasn't taken by a hawk.