Monday, September 23, 2013

More yarn?

 I bought a couple hanks of yarn while I was out visiting Dena. 
What can I say?  It's a tradition and I HAD to do it.  
This is just Cascade sock yarn, nothing special and not too expensive but I liked the colors.

I'm not sure what this orange one is for, but I loved it.  I bought orange yarn once before for a pair of socks for me but when I started knitting them, my husband claimed them for his own.  Since he so rarely wants anything I knit, those first orange socks became his.
These will be mine . . . well, maybe.  Most of the socks I knit end up as someone else's.

This yarn is more blue/green than this photo shows.  It was pretty and I liked it.
It is going to become a pair of Anna Zilboorg's A Beautiful Necessity socks.  The pattern is available from Blue Moon Fiber Arts - finally, after a very long wait.

These socks can be knit plain or embroidered and I think I am going to embroider them.

And blooming in my garden for fall - my piresea passiflora.  It's long been one of my favorite and I'm so happy to see it blooming!



Jane McLellan said...

That's the sort of yarn you keep in a basket for a while just to admire!

Laura Tate said...

The knitting is beautiful as usual and the flowers are gorgeous.