Saturday, June 1, 2013

Teresa Guess What

You got a very very beautiful set of needles.  They are gorgeous.

But Guess what I got today!

I went out very early this morning and picked mushrooms.  I got 4 1/2 pounds of coral mushrooms and 5# 12 oz of morels.

I got home late and Fred showed me what else I got.

Can you guess?

Can you?

I will give you a hint.  Look at the pictures.

HER name is Junebug

Note from Teresa - this is a shot of La Negrita after shearing just seven days ago.  She sure didn't look like she had a baby in the works!!!!

 my morels
and the coral mushrooms - this might not be the real name of these but it is what we call them



Teresa said...

Negrita can't have babies!

H J Hess said...

No photos of the mushrooms? The babies look adorable! .