Monday, June 3, 2013

Purple is the Thing

 This is my next new project.  That is baby llama and silk yarn and it is oh so soft and delightful to knit with.  This is going to be Mom's birthday present so no clear pictures until she gets it in August.
I got another clue for the Leaf Evolution shawl today but I think I will wait to knit it until the last clue comes out next Monday.  I have the second of the San Juan Socks in the works and want to finish it so I can do the malachite free-sole socks for myself - no stranding should make them go fast.  I still have to finish that colorwork hat that's been languishing in my bag.  And then I have to start on baby stuff - the two pigs for the girl in Germany, some felted penguins and some baby blankets.

And this half purple/half blue flower is on one of my hydrangea bushes.  All of our hydrangeas were once blue.  Then about two years ago, one of the started to have purple flowers on one side and the next year they were a bit pinker.  This is the farthest plant from that one and the largest hydrangea.  This year it is throwing purple and even pink flowers.

 See?  Half purple and half pink.

Some of them are a really pink pink.

This is the pale blue that we expect - it's clearly a blue and usually all the flowers on all the bushes are this color.  They are big and beautiful and blue - always blue.

But no, many of them are now lavendar, at least.
Here is as much of the bush as I could get in one picture . . . just so you can see that the blue flowers, pink flowers, lavendar flowers and the half and half's are all on the same plant.

And look Dena!  This is my lavendar starting to bloom.  I cut both outdoor plants way, way back over the winter and they are rewarding me with tons of blooms.  I didn't cut the kitchen one back - hope it continues to do well in spite of that.


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