Sunday, June 16, 2013

Before and After

First, the before:

Same position, after:

As you can see, this shawl grew significantly when I blocked it.

This is Leaf Evolution by Tetiana Otruta.  It was introduced as a mystery knit along.  
If you look closely at the first close up photo, you can see the small leaves that then become bigger leaves and then become more like flowers, then flower buds and on the edges, flowers.
This was a lot of fun to knit.  I just might have to do another of her patterns as they are lovely.



thora said...

Simply beautiful!

Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful shawl! Blocking has made a tremendous difference, not just to the size, but to showing up the lace pattern.

IsDihara said...

Stunning! So fine! Wishing I had any experience at all with knitting lace shawls. Perhaps it is time to try, eh? *wink*

Thanks for sharing your inspiring project. It is truly lovely.

IsDihara said...

FYI-- I saw this sweater on Pinterest and thought of you and your family:

Totoro Sweater