Saturday, January 5, 2013

Robin Hood Stole

 I couldn't show this before because it was the test knit for a mystery knit along.  The knit along has sent out the last clue and at least several knitters have finished their projects, so I get to show mine now.

This is The Robin Hood Stole pattern designed by Janine Le Cras for The Unique Sheep.  The yarn is The Unique Sheep's Green Sheep Cotton Bamboo in the Pool Party color in fingering weight.  It was delightful to knit with and surprisingly easy to block (but not as stretchy as wool would have been, so my stole is a little smaller than some of the others).  I loved knitting this.  Most of Janine's patterns are unusual and fun to knit - at least the one's I have knit.

Most of The Unique Sheep yarns are gradience color ways - that means that they start with one color and gradually move to another, sometimes through still another.  This is one of the simpler ones I have seen.  This stole has beads, but none were included with the yarn so I used what I had on hand and it was a size smaller than it should have been.  You should be able to see them if you embiggen the middle picture.

The sparsity of finished objects on the blog is due to the next test knit I am working on and it is a biggie.  Stay tuned, I should be able to post it later this month and I should be able to start on some new things tomorrow.



Michelle said...

It's beautiful and so is the model!!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

That is a gorgeous stole! If it needs a home...

I'm guessing I'd better start knitting my own!

Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful stole! You've worked the colour changes very skilfully.

Bonnie said...