Monday, January 14, 2013

One More Clue One

 Finished Clue One on the Echeveria sock Mystery Knit Along.  This sock was designed by Rachel Coopey who also designed a dozen socks based on Terry Pratchett's Disc World series of books.  I had to buy the e-book that those patterns were in because my handknit sock wearing daughter loves Disc World and Terry Pretchett.

Dena is still ahead of me, she's done clue two on at least one of her socks.  I had to change yarn colors because the other green was really thick for sock yarn and I couldn't get gauge without it being so tight it was going to kill my hands.

The brown yarn is going to be my contrast color for the colorwork section of these socks.

This is a close up of the detail - I love this cuff so far.  I stuck a piece of colored paper in to show off the lacy parts.  The yarn is Fiber Charmer's Valhalla in Triads 1.  I think the brown is also Fiber Charmer, but it was one Dena and I split last year after Stitches South and I dunno where the label is.  I also don't recall what it was we were planning to knit with the yarn, so it is going to become these socks.  Stash reduction is a good thing - means I can buy more at the next Stitches South.

This is clue one on the Knitter's Brewing Company Mystery Sock Knit Along V - April Showers.  I am posting this new picture because the other one didn't show the color at all well and it is such a pretty color.  This is Fiber Charmer Chris Sock yarn in Hot Lava - and I still didn't capture the color very well.  It is less pink than it shows on my monitor and more coral.

This is the baby sweater that Dena mentioned in the other post.  It is from the book 60 Quick Baby Knits which has a lot of really great patterns for babies made using worsted weight yarn so they knit up really quickly.  This won't take long to finish - it's already about half done.

 And, it's January.  It becomes official when my daphne odora starts blooming.  This plant is so fragrant you smell the flowers long, long before you ever see them.  Only a few are open (see all the buds?) but the fragrance is delightful.


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