Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It was a Lovely Christmas here in the deep south.  Both girls are home and having a great time.  
I got a very special present from Mom - this set of DyakCraft Darn Pretty interchangeable knitting needles. Yes, these are really very special - each one is individually hand made by a guy named Tom then polished and checked by his wife Linda.  It's old fashioned craftsmanship at it's very best.  And they are absolutely lovely!  Thanks Mom!

They are so special that Tom signs and numbers each set.  My set is number 903 in Hazelwood.  They feel so warm and wonderful in my hands - I have moved my current projects (the bobble sweater and Marilyn blanket squares) to them.  If you are interested, they are sold on the DyakCraft website.  They come in about a dozen different colors of wood or two colors of metal.   Just be aware that since they are each made by hand, one at a time, that it takes a while to get them.  The website says 12 to 14 weeks and the wait may be longer than that. 

All in all, it was a lovely Christmas.  There were lots of presents, but not too many.  It was a far less expensive Christmas than those in the past, but I think everyone was happy.

 That Other Girl got lots of drawing stuff and music cd's - and a couple of puzzles.

 The couch was covered with goodies.

 Girl Far From Home got a puzzle she loved and lots of music cd's she wanted.

Besides my needles (lower left of pic - wrapped carefully in tissue) I got lots of other good stuff.

Even Casey got new toys that she loves.  This is her Santa Hedgehog, but she also got a big floppy snowman from Mom that she uses as a pillow.  

Hope everyone had as nice a day as we did.  


Michelle said...

The needles are gorgeous! Makes me want to knit again

Happy Bluebird said...

Those knitting needles are priceless! I never learned how to knit, but I could collect that kind of needle :)

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas indeed. Best wishes for a fabulous New Year too!