Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway

First, these are the final tattings for the blades of my Tatted Shuttles from The Shuttle Shop.  The pink and green ones are really salmon and turqoise - I'll try to get better pictures of them later in the week.  I want to try to get them mailed off this week, if possible.

This is the view from the patio and driveway of the Girl Far From Home's dorm.  I just love this tree - it's so majestic and interesting with it's white bark.
These are some walnuts (black I think) that we found on the ground near the cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
 This is the No Home Gnome all set for the trip home with the girl.  He wanted to come along to see if her home was better than the dorm.

 Views from the Blue Ridge Parkway scenic overlooks.  Vistas so beautiful they were almost painful to look at.  We took lots of pictures.
 Constant companion checking out the views - she's always ready to get out of the car and look around.  She's always ready to get in the car and go for a ride.
A replica cabin on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This is where Girl Far From Home is going to live when she grows up.  It has no floor - a few beams but no floor, and a nice fireplace.  She will be fine as long as the bears don't figure out how to go under that back wall and come up between the beams . . . .


Gina said...

I believe those are hickory nuts. I have a couple of trees of them. So yummy if you can get them open. Walnuts are bigger and the shells are closely ridged.

trh said...

Yes, they certainly are. I actually thought hickory first, but I didn't know that hickory nuts had the thick outer coating on them when they fell. I also didn't know that the nut meat itself was shaped like walnut meat. I thought about gathering some of the husks for dying when I thought they were walnuts, but I didn't because I know where I can get some here.

Bonnie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your tatting show cased in your new tatted shuttles.