Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Blue Ridge Pictures

Since we rode back up to Virginia almost entirely on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I have lots more pictures.  I also have some tatting and knitting and stuff but haven't had time to take the photos yet, so those will be for tomorrow.  In no particular order, here are some pics we took on our road trip:
Wildlife on the side of the road.  We saw turkeys (these same ones?) a couple of times.  We also saw something that looked like a muskrat and some other animals.

 Girl Far From Home with the view beside her.  Love that smile, think she was having fun!

We walked where Daniel Boone walked . . . maybe.

Loved this sign announcing the state line.

And just to make sure you knew you were crossing it, they painted the state line on the road! 

 Virginia just wanted you to know that you were entering, but you couldn't help seeing the NC State line.  Virginia decided you could figure out what it was on your own.

This is the cabin that the Girl is going to live in when she finishes college.  Perfect for a writer!

Dunno what this pig in the visitor's center was trying to tell us, but we thought it was cute!

This is one example of how the road was cut out of the mountains.  

The No Home Gnome came along for the ride - possibly looking for a home?  He seemed to enjoy the trip, in fact, he stowed away in the car and came back home with me after I dropped the Girl off!

Another beautiful vista . . . and a few more:

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Gina said...

The first time I made that drive it was a perfect sunny afternoon and I was in tears in some places. Love it! Maybe I should move closer!