Monday, October 25, 2010


 I've been wanting this last of the four Mary Konior books for quite a while.  It's the one that I never seemed to see for less than about $80 and I just couldn't afford to pay that for it.  It finally showed up on one of the used book sites for a lot less and I nabbed it quick as my little fingers could.  I did chastise myself because I really shouldn't be buying presents for myself, but I figured if I didn't grab it when it showed up, it wouldn't show up again.  (So when it shows up all over the place at a reasonable price, even better than I paid, you can thank me.)

This one is one that I'd also wanted for a while and I saw it for a really good price on Ebay when I was buying the Girl Far From Home her dulcimer.  So I nabbed it too.  Now I have lots of tatting to do, must go get out some thread and shuttles!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I have and love both those books! The cover pattern on the Mary Konior book is one of my favorites... it took a while, but it was well worth the effort. Have fun!

Martha said...

Oooh, I wondered who got that (relatively)cheap book off Amazon right after I ordered one for a whole lot more. Congratulations!