Tuesday, December 8, 2009

High Flying in Cyberspace once more!!!

Ok, some of you know this and others dong. Every computer in this household got whacked by some stinkin' virus - or trojan or malware of some type. In fact, I think that a couple of the computers got hit by several of each. I'm reasonably sure that these bad things came from Facebook. Each child and their mother all use Facebook now and while it's a great way to get viruses, trojans, spyware, malware and all other forms of bad crap on your computer, these people are not going to quit using it. That means cleaning up the computers and getting newer or better virus/spyware protection. Cleaning up the computer has cost a bit of $$$ and taken a huge amount of time. Seems that computers are like closets and although it seems like you can keep stuffing stuff in there without looking at whatever is in the back, eventually you open the door and it all tumbles out because there isn't really enough room for even what is already in there, let alone more.

Anyway, two of the four computers are running now. One of those two has been purged of about 5gb of crap and is running pretty well (especially considering said computer's age). One still needs to be purged. The third computer is still being worked on and the hopes are that it will recover eventually. The fourth, and last, computer is a goner. I'll deal with that after Christmas because it's just too depressing to mess with it now.

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