Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Good Christmas, Thanks to All!

First, this is an old gift, but it's been on backorder for many months. So, when it finally came, I just wrapped it and put it under the tree. It's the extra spools and a fast flyer for my Lendrum.

It was, for me at least, a very knitting Christmas. And I really liked it! I got tons of knitting needles. I got some from Mom and some from Dena. I loved them all and you can never have too many knitting needles!

And I got knitting books - tons of knitting books. I got some from Mom, some from Dena and each of the girls gave me knitting books too! (They know what I like . . .wonder who told them?)

I definitely have some projects picked out in the Ganseys, Bohus and Twined books!

My young musician got a piccolo and was pleased. She also got piccolo lessons (well time added to her flute lessons to work on the piccolo.) She is also getting guitar lessons, but they weren't under the tree and are hard to take pictures of . . .

The soon-to-be-college student got the Mac she wanted so badly and was happy. Some evil person convinced her that she absolutely was NOT getting a new computer of any kind, which had made her rather unhappy.

I got a new smart phone - which means I can now get emails when I'm not at home. Mostly it doesn't matter except when I'm at the beach for a week, then I miss getting my emails.

And it was a happy day for the dog too - she got a giraffe stuffed toy that squeaks, some dingo bones and a cool shirt to wear at the beach!

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