Friday, November 20, 2009

Spinning - A day late

but not a dollar short. I started knitting the blue Mr. Greenjeans and it's coming along nicely - only one mod so far. I am still working on the black back attack and am stuck on a design element. I'm also working on testing a pattern for a hat but it's coming along slowly - need to hurry up and get it done because the designer is waiting for the testing to be done. I went out yesterday and bought some lovely green wool for a sweater for myself - just a top down raglan with roll collar and maybe cuffs . . . not sure. . .for comfort and warmth. Also need to get the yellow surprise knit and now a hat . . .

Now, on to the spinning as promised a couple of days ago. First, the blue/white roving that Mom got for me at Puffy Mondaes. It was superwash wool, but I dunno what kind and it was in some form that I've never seen or heard of before (not really roving). It spun beautifully and I made 236 yards of a lovely 2 ply, about a worsted weight. Don't know what it's going to be yet, but something and soon cuz it's nice and soft and pretty.

As you can see, it goes nicely with the blue/white that I spun a month or so ago. Mom's is the bottom and the older one from Corgi Hill is the top. I think that there is less of the Corgi Hill, but can't remember how many yards I had.

And then there is the Mardi Gras that I got from Alaskan Sass on Etsy. I spun it into a nice single that I navajo plyed into a 3 ply. It came out at least a heavy worsted weight, 142 yards. Miss S wants it to become a nice hat for herself . . . probably will become just that.

And next on the spinning wheel is the Robin & Wren from Feeling Sheepish. It is 5.8 ounces of New Zealand Romney wool - nice to spin. I'm spinning it into a pretty fine single and thinking about navajo plying it as well. Tina's husband is making me a new lazy kate cuz I don't like the one I have and if he finishes it, plying will be so much easier that I will be a lot more willing to do it.

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