Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Knitting today . . . .

hopefully spinning tomorrow. I've been doing a fair bit of both, but I don't seem to have time to post about it anymore.
First, for your viewing pleasure, another shot of the famous Max costume. The girl wears it everywhere.

And second a pair of socks I finished for the younger girl. These are made with some Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn that I bought a really long time ago - I think the colorway is dark rainbow but I'm not sure. I made a sweater out of the same colorway but thicker yarn for the same girl a couple of years ago. She's still wearing the sweater so maybe she'll wear the two together - but probably not. Anyway, the socks are knit in the Primavera pattern. I probably won't knit using this pattern again because it hurt my hands doing all the purl 3 togethers. Still the socks are nice and squooshy and hug your foot nicely.

Tomorrow I will try to post pics of all the spinning I've been doing . . .

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