Sunday, November 8, 2009

Finally Blocked

Finally blocked the Hemlock Ring and it came out much better than I expected. It seems to want to curl on the edge and I didn't think it would be useful at all. But it bloomed nicely in the water and blocked pretty well too. Still, it's made from pure alpaca which has little body and little bounce, so as soft and warm as it is, it's a little floppy. I was ready to rip it out but Steve said not to - I think it's a waste of lovely yarn. I'm wearing it as a shawl now and may leave it in the basement to be my shawl for when it's cold down here.

And the handspun Ishbel is done and blocked. It's absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't sure I was going to like the contrast on the jump from the red to the green, but it ended up pretty much at the beginning of the edging stitches (half a row of the last row of pattern, but you can't see that when you look at it). It turned out very pretty - the colors are more true in the pic with it on the back of the chair, but you can see the gradual shading up to that last change better on the table. It's bigger than the other ishbel, but the yarn was thicker and I used bigger needles - so that's no surprise. I'm afraid there isn't enough of the yarn left to bother to send it back to you - but I'll replace the indian-given fiber with something better . . . .

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